Spotlight on FINEX: Eco Friendly Cookware Made Consciously in Portland

Spotlight on FINEX: Eco Friendly Cookware Made Consciously in Portland

We’re proud to add FINEX, a Portland-based cast iron cookware brand, to our collection of ethical and sustainable goods on Made Trade. FINEX is dedicated to excellent quality, considerate design, and thoughtful craftsmanship that aligns well with our values.

To celebrate the addition of FINEX to Made Trade’s versatile curation of conscious home goods, we’re spotlighting the brand, sharing its mission, process, unique features, and a few of our favorite pieces from our new FINEX collection.


FINEX is a cookware brand based in Portland, Oregon crafting high-quality, cast iron cookware that will withhold the test of time and use. The company celebrates the history of American cast iron, while designing modern, reinvented cookware for maximal functionality and versatility.

Finex high quality

The journey to create FINEX began after a failed hunt for truly high quality cast iron cookware. Its creators became passionate about bringing back the authentic, intentional craftsmanship of antique cast iron cookware to the U.S. This passion is what brought FINEX to life and has resulted in the brand’s impeccable, well-designed cookware crafted in America and built for life.

The Process

Committed to superior quality, meticulous detail work, and the art of cast iron craftsmanship, FINEX is reaching the highest standards for cookware on the market.

Their slow, thoughtful approach truly stands out from the rest—it takes six craftspeople and twelve hours to craft their pots and pans.

The process of crafting FINEX cookware begins with sourcing quality cast iron from American Foundries and then melting it with precision in temperatures above 2,000 degrees.

FINEX handcrafted cast iron

To further refine the cast iron cookware, craftspeople use tools such as angle grinders, industrial tumblers, and buffing wheels. To ensure FINEX produces only the best products, every detail is considered throughout the refinement process. And in order to retain each pieces’ personality and authenticity, FINEX allows slight variations in each pot and pan.

FINEX handcrafted

Once the pieces are crafted, FINEX pans and pots are put through the finishing touches—all pieces are stone-tumble polished, pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil and assembled by hand in Portland.


FINEX’s cleverly designed and mindfully made pots and pans are designed for maximum functionality, considering each feature from the handles to the shape of their pieces. Here are some of the most noteworthy features that set FINEX apart:

High performance: Finex’s machine-smoothed cooking surface and organic flaxseed oil pre-seasoning creates a natural, near-nonstick performance for their pans. FINEX also uses thick castings to optimize their pans’ performance for searing and retaining flavors.

“Speed Cool” Handle: Intelligently designed, ergonomic spring handles temper heat and allow for a better grip while cooking.

Finex thoughtful design

Thoughtful design: FINEX’s unique (and patented!) octogonal-shaped pans are designed not just for appearance. The shape provides six spouts for pouring out soups, stews, sauces, and other liquids. The eight sides also make it simpler to use a spatula for flipping and easier to release baked items, such as cornbread, from the pans. 

Polished Hand Seasoning: The Portland-based brand goes the extra mile taking the tedious step to season their pans by hand. Most cookware companies would skip over such a step, but FINEX knows its worth it for a better cooking experience.

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