Our company philosophy

At Made Trade we believe business should be a force for good. Our company celebrates small, independent makers, women and people-of-color owned businesses, USA made and vegan products, heritage art forms, and the fair and ethical treatment of people and our planet.

Since we started Made Trade in 2018, we've been a 100% remote, remote-first company with a completely distributed workforce. Our headquarters is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but you don't have to live close to the office to work for Made Trade. Our incredible team is spread across the globe occupying every time zone in the United States.

Why do we allow this? How can anyone be accountable when you're not looking over their shoulder? We hire self-starters, not folks that need hand holding or mountains of oversight. We think you do your best work when you're free to do it on your own terms and your fellow team members trust you to get your work done and hold you accountable.

What you will find at Made Trade are smart, empowered people who move faster and quicker because they're not bogged down with bureaucracy. We are a meeting-light company, we value our team's personal lives and rarely ask anyone to put in more than a 40 hour week (aside from the very occasional feature launch or holiday push).

A few of our company's benefits:

  • 100% remote — live where you want commute-free
  • Minimal meetings and an asynchronous company mentality 
  • We use tools like Basecamp
  • Incredible team members
  • Annual company gatherings
  • You're part of a company dedicated to the health of our planet and its people 

If you'd like to submit your resume for consideration for future opportunities at Made Trade, email us your resume and cover letter at careers@madetrade.com.