Reviving Traditional Kilim Weaving in Fowwa, Egypt

Reviving Traditional Kilim Weaving in Fowwa, Egypt

We were so thrilled to discover these gorgeous handwoven rugs and cushions for Made Trade, not only because their fair trade business practices align with our vision, we were also immediately drawn to their stunning designs.

Using the finest wool available, Kiliim’s small design team creates modern designs inspired by both today’s trends as well as traditional motifs and patterns. Local artisans then hand weave each piece on a loom using techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Kiliim maker

Kiliim is a social enterprise created by founders Noha and Ibrahim to combine modern design and heritage technique. They work with artisans in Fowwa, Egypt, not only reviving a craft that was declining, but also reviving a community that has been so important to the tradition of kilim weaving.

Kiliim tools
kiliim yarn

Kiliim not only provides fair wages and great working conditions for its employees, they will be opening the “Kiliim School” project, targeting younger generations of Fowwa residents, marginalized people like refugees, and women providing for their families. It is the organization’s hope that skilled artisans will continue to pass down the time-honored tradition of kilim weaving to sustain the craft and the village’s main industry.

Some of our favorite pieces from Kiliim:

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