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Fair Trade

Made Trade helps you discover fairly traded products, handcrafted by artisans around the world. Our fair trade partners are committed to paying living wages, providing safe working conditions, and sourcing materials locally wherever possible. We work with brands who are fair trade certified and who follow fair trade guidelines or exceed them.

Our Values


Made Trade curates handcrafted products from makers around the world that support traditional art forms and preserve cultural heritage. As mass production and machinery dominate production across a variety of industries in the global market, many centuries-old techniques are at risk of being lost. Discover heritage crafted products on Made Trade and join the movement to help preserve ancient techniques, processes and art forms that have been passed down for generations.

Our Values


Sustainable products are intentionally designed to create minimal negative environmental impact. The sustainable brands carried on Made Trade are committed to responsible sourcing and ecological sustainability by harvesting raw materials in the most earth-friendly ways possible. This may include upcycling or recycling plastic, incorporating reclaimed materials, or using responsibly sourced, natural materials such as plant and mineral-based dyes.

Our values

USA Made

Made Trade is based in Portland, Oregon and we intentionally curate amazing products from makers and ethical manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest, and across the United States. To us, USA made is not just about where a product is made — it's also about the responsible sourcing and manufacturing of materials and ensuring workers are compensated fairly. By shopping USA Made, we can increase demand for domestically made and ethically produced goods and help revive endangered, or even lost industries in the United States.

our values


When you discover a vegan product on Made Trade, you can be assured it contains no animal products or byproducts whatsoever. We require full transparency with all the products sold on Made Trade. Vegan products are responsibly sourced, intentionally curated, and made with earth-friendly materials that are completely animal-free.

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