3 Eco Friendly and Sustainable Brands to Support on World Environment Day

3 Eco Friendly and Sustainable Brands to Support on World Environment Day

World Environment Day was established in 1974 by the United Nation as a day dedicated to bring worldwide awareness to environmental issues and inspire action to protect our planet. This World Environment Day we’re highlighting four incredible brands that are creating incredibly beautiful products with an intentionally minimal environmental impact and a deep consideration for our planet’s resources and people. Independent and mission-driven, these brands are dedicated to using responsibly harvested or upcycled materials and providing their artisans and workers with fair, living wages.



Made from recycled materials and with a lifetime guarantee, Emeco’s durable and sustainable furniture is crafted with sustainability and eco friendly values at its core. Emeco started in 1944 making functional and lightweight recycled aluminum chairs for Navy warships and has continued to sell that same chair over 75 years later. Emeco’s extensive catalog of modern chairs, stools, and tables are all made with reclaimed, recycled, and responsibly sourced materials like wood, plastic bottles, cork, eco-concrete, and aluminum. Starting in 2020, Emeco also began measuring and declaring the carbon footprint of each product and refrains from purchasing carbon offset credits to ensure their actions, products, and manufacturing makes further reductions.



Slash Objects

Slash Objects is an award-winning brand that intentionally designs its products to create a more sustainable world. Every step, from the types of materials, to the design process and the products’ longevity, is taken into account to fulfill their mission of making stunningly beautiful, eco friendly, and sustainable home decor. Slash Object’s rubber placemats, coasters, and storage baskets are all made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and created from materials made locally in the United States. Not only is Slash Objects a women-owned business, but all their employees are paid living wages as well.

Slash Objects




Caminito’s collection of blankets and accessories are a perfect blend of Californian style, Mexican heritage, and sustainable practices. Each blanket is made with upcycled yarn from remnants from the clothing manufacturing process, promoting a zero-waste philosophy while creating beautiful, modern blankets that are also incredibly soft. Based in California, the mother-daughter duo, Elizabeth and Liz, work together with traditionally trained weavers from Central Mexico who are paid fair wages and work in safe and clean work environments. In addition to their blankets, each of Caminito’s stunning, handwoven bags and visors are made from biodegradable, naturally dried palm leaves.


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