This Cyber Monday we’re donating 15% of every order to help preserve 368,000 acres of virgin Amazon rainforest in Pará, Brazil. This incredibly important land must be safeguarded from destruction. The health of our planet depends on it.

Amazon Rainforest

The Problem

This year more of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest was destroyed than ever before. Much of this destruction was due to the expansion of illegal cattle ranching, unprecedented logging, and fires that raged out of control.

Why the Amazon Matters

The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s largest carbon sinks, absorbing more than 2 billion metric tons of carbon from our atmosphere each year, or roughly 5% of the world’s carbon emissions. The Amazon is often referred to as the lungs of the planet because of the vast amount of carbon dioxide it takes in, and the oxygen it releases back into the atmosphere.

People hiking through the Amazon Rainforest
Family in canoe on river in Pará, Brazil

How We're Helping

Made Trade is funding a project in Pará, Brazil run by ADPML (Avoided Deforestation Project Manus Limited) that teaches more than 80 indigenous families of Brazil proper land preservation and land stewardship techniques. This training ensures that the 368,000 acres of virgin rainforest these families protect will never be burned, destroyed, or logged.

How the Project Works

We’ve partnered with Carbon Credit Capital and ADPML to purchase carbon credits generated by the preservation of this section rainforest. The purchase of carbon credits funds the rainforest preservation project and ensures carbon trapped in the trees and vegetation stays there, and the forest continues to act as our planet’s lungs while supporting the indigenous people who live there and are dedicated to protecting it.

Volunteers outside cabin in Pará, Brazil