8 Sustainable and Trendy 2022 Fall Fashion Trends

fall 2022 fashion trends

We all know about the harmful environmental and health effects of fast fashion: unhealthy working conditions, low wages, and an increase in waste and pollutants during manufacturing just to name a few. But with fashion trends becoming shorter and shorter, these harms are becoming even more exasperated. 

If you’re a fashion-forward icon looking to still follow trends sustainably and ethically, we made this guide just for you! On Made Trade, we vet every single product and brand we carry, so you can shop easily knowing everything you purchase prioritizes people and the planet. We’ve assembled eight categories that follow Pantone’s Autumn/Winter color trends for 2022 that feature the latest and greatest in ethical fashion.

Samoan Sun

During the cold and gloomy months, a pop of bold, bright color is a must. And what better color to enhance your mood and uplift your style than the warm and inviting hues of the Samoan Sun.

fall 2022 fashion trends Samoan Sun
fall 2022 fashion trends WVN Camp Shirt in Honey
WVN Camp Shirt in Honey​​

Chiseled Stone

 What’s great about implementing neutrals into your personal style is that you can easily layer, mix, and match all kinds of colors to create a cohesive and complimenting outfit. And Chiseled Stone is a fantastic neutral palette to build your sustainable wardrobe upon.

fall 2022 fashion trends  Chiseled Stone

Autumn Blonde

A blend between peach and khaki, Autumn Blonde adds pink and yellow hues while still prducingan understated palette. These dresses, rompers, and cardigans provide graceful, minimalistic looks all on their own — but layering with other pieces definitely wouldn’t hurt either.

fall 2022 fashion trends Autumn Blonde

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf truly encapsulates those winter wonderland vibes. Really a seasonless color, choosing an earth-friendly clothing piece in Arctic Wolf not only supports ethical consumption but its versatility and longevity ensure you can wear and enjoy it for many seasons to come — directly combatting fast fashion culture. 

fall 2022 fashion trends Arctic Wolf

Polar Night

Another versatile hue, Polar Night is a color that never really goes out of style. You’re sure to find a lot of pieces that fit this classic color, but choosing a sustainably-made, ethical garment in Polar Night will uplift your outfit even more.

fall 2022 fashion trends Polar Night


Hypnotic and deep, Midnight evokes evening shades of blue after a spectacular sunset. Whether it’s used as a small detail or makes up the entirety of a garment, this beautiful shade of dark blue will stay in style for years to come.

fall 2022 fashion trends Midnight


Vibrant, bold, and tossing subtlety to the wayside, Nosegay pink is a cheery shade that just can’t help but uplift your energy and spirits. You might’ve seen this super trendy color everywhere, but our ethical options provide new silhouettes and styles that’ll help you stand out (even more!) from the crowd.

fall 2022 fashion trends Nosegay

Martini Olive

Nature-inspired, Martini Olive invites you to build the perfect earth-friendly, earth-toned outfit. A more muted shade of green, this color can easily be mixed and matched for a more elevated look or casual outfit depending on your mood.

fall 2022 fashion trends Martini Olive

Still looking for something else? Check out our entire women’s clothing collection for more earth-friendly styles.

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