Made Trade’s Black Friday Fund Recipient for 2021: The Giving Grove

Made Trade’s Black Friday Fund Recipient for 2021: The Giving Grove

Black Friday is a great time to find ethical and sustainable gifts for everyone on your list! With Made Trade’s Black Friday Fund, giving back to a good cause is as easy as checking a box when you purchase any responsibly-sourced goods on Made Trade.

From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Made Trade customers have the option to either get 10% off or donate 10% of their order to this year’s Black Friday Fund 2021 recipient, The Giving Grove. The Giving Grove is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing freshly grown, healthy produce by planting community-led and community-managed orchards in neighborhoods facing health inequalities, environmental injustice, and food insecurity. This year, Made Trade’s goal is to generate $5,000 in donations to have five orchards planted by The Giving Grove. 

“You’d be surprised by how many people choose to donate over getting a discount,” Andy Ives, Chief Operating Officer at Made Trade, said. 

While fighting food insecurity is one of The Giving Grove’s main goals, the orchards also provide a sense of community and help offset carbon emissions. A single orchard planted by The Giving Grove typically has 15 trees, which has the ability to remove approximately 2.7 tons of carbon over 25 years. The orchards are also designed to absorb thousands of gallons of water runoff during storms, which helps reduce urban flooding and soil erosion that can be detrimental to neighborhoods. 

The orchards also provide a tool to create a tighter sense of community. Many Giving Grove orchards are planted in schoolyards and where food education programs are hosted for children. Neighborhoods that already have Giving Grove orchards planted in their communities have experienced great success in engaging and creating lasting effects with one another, such as hosting harvest celebrations or working together to add picnic tables, lawn chairs, or pergolas to the gardens. 

the giving grove community

Whether you’re considering donating 10% of your purchase’s proceeds to The Giving Grove or really need that extra 10% off your order to do your holiday shopping, happy Black Friday, happy holidays, and thank you for shopping at Made Trade!

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