18 Sustainably Made Turkish Bathrobes and Towels

Turkish cotton robe

Looking for a new kitchen or bathroom towel to elevate your decor? Tired of the same old beach towels you’ve been using forever? Need an unbelievably soft robe to throw on first thing in the morning with a cup of joe? We’ve got great news — the search is over.

Turkish towels originated during the 7th century A.D. and were predominately used in Turkish and Muslim bathhouses called Hammams. These heritage towels are renowned for their quality and fast-drying properties while still being lightweight and durable. Each Turkish towel is purposefully loomed to be as absorbent as possible and becomes even more absorbent and soft after a couple of washes! 

Accentuate any kitchen or bathroom space with Turkish towels that are not only thoughtfully designed but also made with all natural fibers. Now you can wrap yourself up in these towels and robes feeling good about how they’re made with 100% cotton, how the artisans who made them are paid fair living wages and how you’re supporting a heritage craft that’s been passed down for generations. 

Here are a few of our favorite Turkish or Mediterranean towels and robes that are guaranteed to provide warmth, comfort and style wherever you need them.


1. Coyuchi Mediterranean Towels in Rosehip / Shadow — $58

Elegantly designed and produced with earth-first values and fair trade in mind, Coyuchi’s Mediterranean towels are made with GOTS certified cotton that’s sourced and woven in Turkey. These high-quality Made Safe certified towels also have matching washcloths, guest towels and beach towels, perfect for building a stylish, cohesively decorated bathroom. 

Coyuchi is dedicated to incorporating sustainable manufacturing practices into the production of their Turkish towels, encouraging their artisans to use renewable energy, water recycling and reducing waste as much as possible.

Turkish cotton towel

2. Anatolico Brooklyn Turkish Towel — $55

Incredibly comfortable and luxuriously soft, the Brooklyn Turkish towel is a versatile piece that not only works as a bath towel but can also double as a casual throw blanket or stylish shawl. 

Anatolico’s stunning Turkish towels are made with 85% cotton and 15% linen threads, ensuring these handwoven towels dry quickly and efficiently, even in your humid bathroom after a hot shower. Anatolico’s Turkish towels are handwoven by authentic local artisan families in Turkey who are committed to high quality and ethical production practices.

Turkish cotton stripped towel

3. Anatolico Waffle Weave Turkish Towel in Pink — $45

Anatolico’s pink Turkish towel is a great addition to any bathroom with its waffle weave texture providing maximum absorbency, and its soft, twisted tassels add character when folded or hung on display. Made with 100% cotton, Anatolico provides towels handwoven by authentic artisan families in Turkey who pass on the century-old tradition from generation to generation.

Turkish cotton waffle weave towel

4. Amante Marketplace Meraki Turkish Towel / Blanket — $95

Add a touch of minimalism and style to your bathroom with Amante Marketplace’s exceptional, hand-loomed Meraki Turkish towel. Available in Charcoal, Desert, and Denim, Amante Marketplace has an exquisite, fast-drying towel for any bathroom aesthetic. 

These Turkish towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton and handwoven by artisans in  Denizli, Turkey. Amante Marketplace is a woman-owned company who pays their artisan workers fair living wages.

Turkish cotton Meraki Turkish Towel / Blanket

5. Coyuchi Mediterranean Towels in Alpine White / Slate Stripe — $58

Add a timeless and classy touch to your bathroom with Coyuchi’s Meditteranean Towels. Each towel is made with GOTS certified cotton that’s sourced and woven in Turkey. Matching washcloths, bath sheets and guest towels are also available to help create a coherent sense of style. Coyuchi designs their towel sets with comfort in mind and only uses organic materials.

Turkish cotton mediterranean towel

6. Anatolico Waffle Weave Turkish Towel in Coral — $45

Anatolico’s Waffle Weave Turkish Towel in Coral is a wonderful option for your beach-themed or earth-toned bathroom. Aesthetically pleasing and extremely absorbent, this lightweight Turkish towel is fast-drying even in humid environments.

Antacolico’s towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton and handwoven by authentic Turkish artisan families.

Turkish cotton waffle weave towel


7. Anatolico Terra Short Turkish Robe — $90

Lightweight and quick-drying, this Terra Short Turkish Robe is ideal for after you hop out of the shower during the warmer months or can even be used as a coverup after you’ve enjoyed a day at the beach. It’s made with 100% Turkish cotton threads, making it extremely absorbent. 

Anatolico creates authentic, local artisan-made Turkish towels and robes that are made using ethical, and high-quality production practices.

Turkish cotton robe terra short

8. Anatolico Elio Unisex Turkish Robe — $125

This unisex Turkish robe is hand-woven by local artisans in Turkey who use traditional techniques while producing high-quality, absorbent textiles. It’s made with 85% cotton and 15% linen threads, making it lightweight and quick drying. Even in humid environments, this robe is moisture-wicking and provides comfort and luxury.

Turkish cotton robe elio unisex

9. Anatolico Brooklyn Unisex Turkish Robe — $125

A modern spin on the classic Turkish towel, Anatolico’s unisex Turkish robe is the perfect staple for your bathroom and amazingly comfortable to lounge around all day in. 

This robe is made with 85% Turkish cotton and 15% linen threads to ensure comfort and breathability. Handwoven by artisans in Turkey and extremely quick-drying, Anatolico’s Turkish robes make for a thoughtful gift.

Turkish cotton unisex robe

10. Coyuchi Mediterranean Modern Unisex Robe in Lake — $148

Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, this Mediterranean Modern Unisex Robe is fast drying and moisture-wicking while also providing a relaxed silhouette. Inspired by the traditional peshtemals used in Turkish hammams, which are public bathhouses, this high-quality robe is made to look and feel fantastic. 

Coyuchi creates exquisite pieces that are all fair trade and made with organic cotton and responsibly sourced linen. They’re a member of the Textile Exchange, a founding brand in the Sustainable Textile Coalition, and a proud supporter of the Chetna Organic Farming Cooperative.

Turkish cotton Mediterranean Modern Unisex robe


11. Amante Marketplace Meraki Turkish Hand Towel — $18

These 100% Turkish cotton, oversized waffle hand towels make for a useful and beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Each towel is handwoven by skilled artisans in Turkey and each tassel tied by hand, ensuring the quality and durability of their pieces. 

Amante Marketplace is a women-owned company who creates stunning hand-loomed Turkish towels using 100% Turkish cotton. All their artisan partners are paid fair living wages for their labor and work in safe working conditions.

Turkish cotton hand towel

12. Anatolico Boho Mustard Turkish Kitchen / Hand Towel — $15

Lightweight and elegantly designed, Anatolico’s kitchen hand towels are just as soft and absorbent as their bath towels and robes. The hand towel’s warm tones and sleek stripes will add depth and character to your kitchen.

Turkish cotton Kitchen / Hand Towel

13. Amante Marketplace Teleios Turkish Hand Towel in Navy — $16

Beautifully designed, lightweight and ultra-soft, Amante Marketplace’s hand towel adds a thoughtful and timeless touch to any kitchen. All four colors available are versatile and can be mixed and matched to compliment your kitchen decor. 

Amante Marketplace only uses 100% Turkish cotton and pays their artisans fair living wages.

Turkish cotton hand towel

14. Anatolico Terra Turkish Kitchen / Hand Towel — $15

Anatolico’s Terra Turkish Hand Towels are handwoven by artisans in Turkey using 100% Turkish Cotton flat weave. Produced using the authentic traditional technique, each Turkish towel is made to be durable, absorbent, and quick-drying. Anatolico is dedicated to supporting the most authentic local artisan family producers in Turkey to create high-quality Turkish towels.

Turkish cotton kitchen towel


15. Hilana: Upcycled Cotton Mersin Upcycled Chevron Turkish Towel in Pink — $33

This traditional flat-woven Turkish peshtemal towel is a wonderful addition to your list of beach essentials. The beautiful pink coral color and extreme softness make this towel a great prop for your next beachside photo shoot. 

Made with 50% recycled cotton and 50% natural cotton, Hilana: Upcycled Cotton ensured zero waste along with durability and comfort.

Turkish cotton beach towel

16. Hilana: Upcycled Cotton Yalova Upcycled Marbled Turkish Towel / Blanket in Yellow — $40

Enjoy a day in the sun at the beach with Hilana: Upcycled Cotton’s Turkish towel. Durable and soft, this traditional flat-woven Turkish towel is made from 50% regenerated cotton. 

Hilana: Upcycled Cotton is a woman-owned company and certified B-corp. All of Hilana: Upcycled Cotton’s weavers and artisans located in Turkish mountain villages are paid a fair living wage. Their production process also promotes zero-waste and chemical-free practices.

Turkish cotton towel and blanket

17. Hilana: Upcycled Cotton Fethiye Upcycled Turkish Towel / Blanket – Pink — $40

Cozying up beside a bonfire or lounging at a picnic, this Turkish towel is sure to provide warmth and comfort. This towel can also double as a lightweight and stylish shawl or swim suit coverup! 

Hilana: Upcycled Cotton uses heritage techniques. Their Turkish towels are made with 50% upcycled cotton from manufacturing waste and 50% virgin cotton, ensuring a sustainable blend for you to enjoy.

Upcycled Turkish cotton towel/blanket

18. Amante Marketplace Magis Diamond Turkish Towel / Throw Blanket in Black — $42

Amante Marketplace’s Turkish towel is exceptionally designed and a guaranteed way to elevate any picnic or bonfire gathering. 

Handwoven and made with 100% Turkish cotton, this towel not only provides the perfect towel to curl up into but its multifunctional design can also make it suitable as an indoor decorative throw or blanket.

Turkish cotton diamon towel

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