15 Galentine’s Day Gifts for Your Favorite Gal Pals

Galentines day gifts

We’ve curated the ultimate list of the best sustainable and ethically sourced Galentine’s gifts for your lady friend or favorite gal pal. If you’re unfamiliar with what many refer to as “the best day of the year,” then keep reading and get ready to be inspired. 

What is Galentine’s Day?


Galentine’s Day is a celebration of friendship between one’s closest female friends, girlfriends, or lady friends. Invented by the character Leslie Knope in the show Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is referred to by Leslie as, quite simply, “ladies celebrating ladies.” Galentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated over brunch at a local café or diner.

When is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day falls on February 13th every year, but Galentine’s Day can also be any day you want to celebrate all the important lady friends in your life.

Leslie is an inspiration to ladies everywhere, so in her honor, we present the best sustainable, ethical, and fair trade gifts for the best day of the year. Here’s our complete Galentine’s Day roundup.


1. Giulia Letzi + META Jewelry Oceania Upcycled Hoops — $33- $50

For the lady that doesn’t shy away from making a statement, these colorful earrings are the perfect gift. Each pair is handcrafted from upcycled plastic bottles and recycled metals in Arlington, VA. These lightweight hoops add a pop to any outfit and are the perfect gift for your ethically minded Galentine.

Galentines day gifts Oceania Upcycled Hoops

2. L.Greenwalt Jewelry Full Deco Necklace — $78-$92

The Full Deco Necklace has been a staff and customer favorite for some time now, and it’s easy to see why. This minimalist, geometric necklace can easily switch between a statement, focal piece and an everyday accent necklace. Each necklace is handcrafted in Portland, OR and sure to fit into any sustainable wardrobe – go ahead and treat yourself (or them) already!

Galentines day gifts Full Deco Necklace

3. Iron Oxide Celestial Hairstick Hair Pin — $79


This hand-forged, minimalistic hair stick will accentuate and elevate any style. It’s made from solid cast brass and features one of nine sustainably sourced gemstones as a gleaming centerpiece.

Iron Oxide’s accessories are locally produced in Portland, Oregon using recycled materials, lab-grown gemstones, or ethically mined gemstones. 

Galentines day gifts Celestial Hairstick Hair Pin

4. Yewo Chaka Recycled Bangle Set — $48

These bangles are all made from recycled brass in a solar-powered, carbon-neutral workshop in the northern mountains of Malawi, making them a perfect ethically-sourced gift for your friends! 

YEWO is a women-owned company who provides their employees with healthy and safe working conditions. Their artisans receive a guaranteed reliable paid salary 2-3 times higher than the national average.

Galentines day gifts Chaka Recycled Bangle Set

5. Abby Alley Mia Earrings — $48

For a friend who loves versatile pieces, these hand-casted brass earrings are sure to become an everyday staple. Made from brass by artisans in Kenya, these earrings can be worn with a casual outfit or even a sparkly dress for a party. 

Abby Alley only uses ethically and locally sourced materials to create their high-quality and timeless jewelry. They incorporate fair trade practices to ensure that their artisan partners in Kenya and Tanzania work in healthy, safe working conditions.

Galentines day gifts Mia Earrings

6. Kisiwa Cuerda One of a Kind Beaded Bracelet — $120

Featuring gorgeously colorful and high quality Japanese glass beads, Kisiwa’s beaded bracelet is truly one of a kind. Each bracelet is hand beaded in Hawaii by Kisiwa’s designer Gadea Pérez-Andújar, who creates each intricately crafted piece with minimal designs in mind.

Galentines day gifts Cuerda One of a Kind Beaded Bracelet


7. Jenni Earle Giddy Up Bandana — $32

A bandana is the most multifunctional accessory of all time. Your Galentine can tie this super soft, 100% cotton bandana around her bag or belt loop, or rock it as a bandana or necktie scarf! All of Jenni Earle’s bandanas are made from USA–grown cotton and handmade ethically in the Carolinas.

Galentines day gifts Giddy Up Bandana

8. Korissa Dora Jute Tote Bag in Multi Navy — $72

This hand-loomed, naturally dyed jute bag is stylish and functional, making it a great daily tote that’s made to last. Each bag is made by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh who are paid living wages and are given education and health care opportunities. 

KORISSA creates stunning, sustainably made products using natural dyes and eco-friendly materials. Most of their products are made from jute, a biodegradable, pollution-free, and affordable natural fiber.

Galentines day gifts Dora Jute Tote Bag in Multi Navy

9. Soil to Studio Surekha Merino Scarf — $85

Feel cozy and fashionable wearing this 100% merino wool scarf that’s handwoven by renowned Bhutti Weavers in India. Soil to Studio is a POC-owned and women-owned brand who employs artisans in India to support time-honored, heritage techniques like handloom weaving, natural dyeing, and hand embroidering. Soil to Studio also adheres to fair trade practices and all their artisans set their own prices for their work. 

Galentines day gifts Surekha Merino Scarf

Home Goods

10. Caminito Luna Upcycled Blanket – $86

Snuggle up in this incredibly soft and durable upcycled yarn blanket. Featuring a vegetable-tanned leather strap carrier, this blanket is made for on-the-go adventures with your pals like going to the beach or enjoying a lovely picnic. 

“They are the perfect size for a picnic or being a throw blanket. We actually keep them on our two twin beds as accents and they really bring the color scheme in the room together.” – Jessica G. 

Galentines day gifts Luna Upcycled Blanket

11. Soil to Studio Juhi Linen Napkin Set — $68

This 100% linen napkin set adds a beautiful touch to any tablescape with its hand-block printed design and complimentary colors. Soil to Studio follows fair trade practices and their artisans in India set their own prices for the products they make. They’re a women-owned and POC-owned company committed to using sustainable manufacturing practices such as utilizing solar power, rainwater collection, and reusing post-production scraps.

Galentines day gifts Juhi Linen Napkin Set

12. Korissa Jhuri Double Hanging Basket — $62

With multiple sizes, Middle Kingdom’s Made of jute and wood and handcrafted by artisans in Bangladesh, this double hanging basket is made to add a touch of organic elegance while securely holding fruits, hand towels, and more. Each basket is made with ethically sourced natural materials and it’s handwoven in a fair trade environment.

Galentines day gifts Jhuri Double Hanging Basket

13. Middle Kingdom Glossy Mini Porcelain Vase 10 — $22

These beautiful, glossy vases are handcrafted using glazed porcelain and are available in six vibrant colors. Middle Kingdom is a women-owned and POC-owned company who creates modern porcelain ware using over 1,000-year-old heritage techniques from the ancient kiln city of Jingdezhen. The artisans who expertly craft each piece only use the finest materials and they are paid well-above-average salaries for their craftsmanship.

Galentines day gifts Glossy Mini Porcelain Vase 10

14. Azizi Life Woven Trivets — $18.50

Made from natural sisal fibers and forest grasses, these woven trivets are handcrafted by artisans in Rwanda using only renewable and natural materials. Each piece is not only functional but can also be hung on gallery walls to add striking design and texture. 

Azizi Life is a women-owned and POC-owned company that’s also a member of the Fair Trade Federation. All their partners across their 40 artisan cooperatives across Rwanda are paid living wages and work in safe conditions.

Galentines day gifts Woven Trivets

15. Aplat Two Bottle Tote in Solid Merlot — $50

This two-bottle tote is made with 100% certified organic heavyweight cotton canvas and features sleeves that effortlessly hold two standard wine bottles. Take this durable tote with you on a picnic with your pals knowing that each bag is made with zero-waste design and manufacturing in mind, making it a great sustainably made piece for any wine lover. 

Aplat is a woman-owned company that’s dedicated to zero-waste principles and creates each of their products in small batches. They only use low-impact dyes, natural, and responsibly sourced fiber to create their beautiful totes.

Galentines day gifts Two Bottle Tote in Solid Merlot

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