November 26–29

The 2021
Black Friday Fund

Help us plant urban orchards to 
provide food-insecure communities access to fresh, nutritious food.

The Giving Grove,
our Black Friday Fund recipient

The Giving Grove is a non-profit dedicated to planting fruit and nut bearing orchards in urban communities across the United States.

These urban orchards:

- Create local food production systems that feed food-insecure individuals and families

- Provide a renewable and sustainable food source for decades to come

- Empower and educate youth

Our goal: Plant five new orchards in urban neighborhoods

Shop on Made Trade November 26–29, use the code GIVE10 at checkout, and we’ll donate 10% of your order to plant new five new urban orchards in 2022.

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November 26–29

Give 10%

Donate 10% of your order to plant orchards in food-insecure urban communities

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to donate 10% of your order

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Everyone should have
access to healthy food

Giving Grove urban orchards help fight food insecurity in urban neighborhoods by dramatically increasing access to healthy, nutritious food now, and for decades to come. These little orchards are a powerhouse of fruits and nuts that are grown, harvested and distributed locally.

Baskets of apples
Child picking apples

Strengthening communities and educating youth

Each orchard is community-led, community-driven, and is managed by local neighborhood leaders. A Giving Grove creates healthy food education programs for children — with many groves located in schoolyards. The Giving Grove proactively seeks to partner with neighborhoods facing health inequities and environmental injustices.

Planting orchards helps
fight climate change

A single Giving Grove orchard, with an average of 15 trees, has the ability to sequester approximately 2.7 tons of carbon over 25 years. Each orchard also absorbs thousands of gallons of water runoff per storm, reducing urban flooding and soil erosion.

Volunteers digging holes

Learn more about The Giving Grove

Shop Made Trade this holiday season and help plant 
urban orchards that benefit the health of children, communities, and planet.

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