August Sage Ankole Horn Wall Mount

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Ankole horn comes from a stunning African native breed of cattle native known for their distinctive horns. The horns are some of the largest in the world and can reach up to 8 feet. Every horn is unique in their beautiful color variations from light to dark with stripes of ivory, black and brown. There are no two horns that are identical which makes every single of these rare in its own way. 

Incorporate the beauty of nature with this ethically sourced horn, originally a food by product from Kampala, Uganda. This majestic piece of both the skull and horns are cultivated and brought to life as a one of the kind piece by talented artisans. The skulls are properly cleaned, horns polished, and then mounted on a hand carved Mugavu wood by a local carpenter. 

From start to finish, each mount takes about a week to complete, utilizing the skill and touch of more than five artisans all working in fair-trade environments at the design-and-craft studio of Rose & Fitzgerald in Kampala, Uganda.


  • Dimensions: 46”H x 44”W x 5”D
  • Materials: Ankole cow skull + horns + Mugavu wood
  • Colors: Ivory, a natural mix of light and dark horn, dark brown with a natural wood grain
  • Note: This Ankole Wall Mount ships in three pieces and can be assembled quickly and easily. Each horn has been labeled to match the accompanying side of the skull it belongs to. Simply slide each horn opening onto the skull, adjusting and turning it until you get a nice, snug fit. Since the mount is on the heavier side, the wood backing has four openings to ensure it is held strongly in place by the hardware you choose (we recommend screw-in anchors, not included).
  • Due to the size of this product, item is not part of the flat rate shipping


Recommended for indoor use or covered outdoor area. To prevent horns from warping, limit exposure to direct sunlight or heat. High temperature can cause the horn to crack or change in shape. Dust lightly as needed.

Founded by sisters Rowena and Lily Lei, August Sage is a women-run company based in New Mexico and Washington State. Rowena and Lily design unique, modern pieces for the home, all handcrafted by artisan communities around the world. Each August Sage piece is 100% handmade and sourced through fair trade practices using natural and sustainable materials and processes. August Sage’s mission is to provide lasting economic opportunities to artisans, and to celebrate and preserve the unique and diverse heritage of the artisans they partner with. All artisan partners are paid living wages allowing them to provide for themselves, and afford healthcare and education for their families.

Fair Trade
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