25 Best Ethical and Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts for the Conscious Couple | 2023 Gift Guide

Best eco friendly wedding gifts

As a shopper that likes to consider the ethical and environmental implications of each purchase, creating a wedding registry — or any wishlist for that matter — can be overwhelming. How do we tell our loved ones that we don’t want a cheaply-made set of tableware or pillows made from polyester? How do we tell them that we want to make sure all the products in my home are sustainably-made or secondhand?

Thankfully, for all of us looking to fill our homes with fewer, better, more responsibly-made things, there is a registry for us now! We have partnered up with MyRegistry to make it simple to add all of our beautiful sustainable and fair trade goods to your registries. MyRegistry is a universal registry, so you can add products from multiple sites if you’d like, too.

Below are some of our favorite pieces on Made Trade that’s perfect for building your own eco friendly and ethical registry! For even more ideas, check out our Home Goods Collection.

For the Kitchen and Dining Room

1. Carthage.Co La Marsa Stoneware Dinner Plate Set — $74

This stoneware dinner plate set is the perfect timeless and minimalist addition to any kitchen. Hand-glazed and created using a 2000-year old traditional process, Carthage.Co brings the heritage of North Africa from Tunisia to your newlywed’s dinner table. 

Made by local artisans in Tunisia who’ve passed down the tradition of creating stoneware dishes from generation to generation, Carthage.Co provides educational and economic opportunities to continue this handmade tradition for years to come.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts

2. Bibol Tchon Bamboo Salad Bowl in Eggshell — $66

Nothing better to encourage healthy eating than a stunning salad bowl, right? Handcrafted with bamboo by artisans in Vietnam using only natural varnishes and lacquers, this bowl from Bibol is as ecologically responsible as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Tchon Bamboo Salad Bowl in Eggshell

3. Soil to Studio Shreya Napkins Set — $60

One of our favorite low-waste swaps is cloth napkins! Besides saving money and a whole lot of trees in the long-run by avoiding purchasing single-use paper napkins, cloth napkins are so much softer and each meal feels a bit more elevated. These handcrafted 100% cotton napkins feature bright and vibrant colors with warm and inviting design. Each pattern is meticulously hand-printed by master block printers in a small artisan cooperative in India.  

4. Nugu Home Minimal Recycled Ironstone Coupe Mug Set — $80

Brighten any kitchen with these beautifully hand-glazed mugs. Made with recycled ironstone by master craftspeople in India, each piece is ethically made to the highest standards so they can be enjoyed for years to come. These mugs are chip and scratch resistant, 100% food safe and free of lead, cadmium, and selenium.

5. KAZI Fringed Natural Drink Coasters — $30

KAZI’s stunning, multicolored drink coasters are guaranteed to add character. Handmade with natural raffia and banana fibers and colored with natural dyes, KAZI sources all their materials from native African fibers that are readily available for their artisans. 

KAZI also reinvests their profits to train rural farmers how to become artisans, teaching new techniques and skills. KAZI is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and implements fair trade practices across their organization, like paying their artisans a fair and livable wage.

best eco friendly wedding gifts Fringed Natural Drink Coasters

6. FINEX Cast Iron Skillet — $195+

Trying new fun and fresh recipes like this homemade cast iron bread and vegan deep dish pizza is easy with FINEX’s Cast Iron Skillet. Beautifully versatile and guaranteed to last a lifetime, these cast iron skillets are a whole other caliber. 

Each skillet is made of 100% North American quality cast iron which is polished and pre-seasoned to perfection by a small team in Portland, Oregon. The flaxseed oil used to season the skillet ensures an exceptional non-stick surface that’s perfect for any heat source.

best eco friendly wedding gifts FINEX Cast Iron Skillet

7. Sertodo Copper 2.5 Quart Sauce Pot — $295

If you’re looking for a new addition to your copper-themed kitchen, this is the world-class addition you need. Spruce up your kitchen with Sertodo’s handcrafted hammered saucepan that’s made with 100% recycled copper and is extremely lightweight, making it easy to control. 

Sertodo has worked with master copper artisans in Mexico to create their goods since 1997. Made with a heritage craft that’s been passed down for over 1000 years, Sertodo’s copper goods will be a gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing piece of kitchenware that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts 2.5 Quart Sauce Pot

8. The Bright Angle Elixir Olive Oil Bottle — $56

Decanting your cooking oils into decorative bottles is an excellent way to elevate your counter and tabletop. The Elixir Olive Oil Bottle is another durably handcrafted porcelain piece from The Bright Angle. 

While the main function of this decanter is to store oils, it also makes an excellent vessel for cocktail syrups, vinegar, infusions, and even dish soap. Available in several colors, these bottles will fit right in with any minimal modern decor.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Elixir Olive Oil Bottle

9. Slash Objects Capsule Recycled Rubber Placemat Set — $72

Add a touch of modernity to any tablescape with these stunning post-consumer recycled rubber placemats. Vegan, heat resistant, and made to last, eat any piping-hot meals knowing your tables and countertops are well protected. Slash Objects is an award-winning brand who makes all their products with materials sourced from local U.S. manufacturers, minimizing their carbon footprint and supporting local economies.

10. Ekobo Recycled Bamboo Large Storage Jar Set — $30 for 3

Perfect for storing snacks at home or for taking with you on the go, Ekobo’s storage jars are one versatile kitchen item. As opposed to plastic storage containers, Ekobo’s jars are made from sustainable materials and are built to last.

Each jar is made using BIOBU® FSC-certified bamboo fiber eco-composite and highly renewable cork — materials you can feel good about storing food in!

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts  Recycled Bamboo Large Storage Jar Set

11. Convivial Oval Stoneware Serving Tray Set — $96

Display desserts, charcuterie, or your favorite appetizer with this minimalist yet stunning serving tray. Made with sand stoneware that’s beautifully featured on the rim and finished with ivory glaze, this ceramic tray set adds a touch of warmth and charm to any table. Each piece is made by hand and third-party tested to be free of lead and cadmium.

For Living Spaces

12. Convivial Minimal Stoneware Vase — $48

Give the gift of a lovely handcrafted sand stoneware vase to brighten up any space. Featuring an ivory glaze and a minimal design, this timeless piece beautifully holds dried bouquets to statement arrangements with ease. Convivial’s team of makers uses slip casting techniques to bring each piece to life, thoughtfully blending functionality and aesthetics to create a vase that can be passed down for generations.

13. Kiliim Mint Lotus Rug — $115+

Kiliim’s striking rugs handmade by kilim artisans in Fowwa, Egypt are true statement pieces. This lotus rug is like having a piece of textile art right on your floor. 

The talented makers behind Kiliim’s rugs descend from generations of kilim artisans and they take pride and honor in their time-honored heritage craft, creating one-of-a-kind authentic kilim rugs for customers around the world.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Mint Lotus Rug

14. Minna Abstract Merino Throw Blanket in Oat — $365

This playful, handwoven blanket from Minna is a unique decor piece for tossing over a chaise, cozying up with on the sofa — or even for hanging on display. The artfully designed throw was handcrafted by artisans in a women’s cooperative in Uruguay from high-quality merino wool.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Abstract Merino Throw Blanket in Oat

15. Ichcha Nazar in Coral Rust Curtains — $57 - $65

These mesmerizing block-printed curtains were naturally dyed by hand using a mud-resistant technique, making them a truly one-of-a-kind decor piece. And when you peel the curtain back on Ichcha’s beautiful home decor, you’ll find that they were made with just as beautiful of a process.

Ichcha is a women-of-color-owned business collaborating with artisans across rural India who set their prices for their pieces and receive free medical checkups for themselves and their families.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Nazar in Coral Rust Curtains

16. Conejo & Co Eclipse Wall Hanging — $180

With its warm golden hues and natural flax linen cloth, this Conejo & Co. wall hanging feels like the kind of decor piece that will add a feeling of coziness and hominess to any space. Having this piece hung at the entryway of your living space is sure to make each visitor feel right at home. 

Each Conejo & Co. piece is made-to-order just for you, entirely hand-painted by brand owner and artist Molly Millar Dodge in her studio in California.

 Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Eclipse Wall Hanging

17. Swahili African Modern Black and Cream Sisal Nesting Baskets — $96

One of the best ways to curate a minimalist home is to carefully select versatile decor pieces! These handwoven Swahili African Modern sisal baskets ethically made by Kenyan women fit the bill — their intricate designs make them beautiful decor while their spacious size also makes them great storage pieces.

These baskets can be used for towels in a bathroom, books in a living room, and/or for accessories in a closet. These baskets were ethically handwoven from cattail stalks and upcycled plastic by women in Senegal who earn well above a living wage.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Black and Cream Sisal Nesting Baskets

18. Ritual and Fancy Glass Votive Candle 5 oz — $26

Beautiful and sophisticated, Ritual and Fancy’s Glass Votive candle is a gorgeous gift. This candle is available in 17 different scents and is made with 100% vegan soy wax from a renewable source. This exceptionally crafted candle features a one-of-a-kind arrangement of natural flower petals and has a wood wick that can burn for 18 to 24 hours. Both don’t burn it all in one sitting! You’ll definitely want to savor this beautiful decoration. 

Ritual and Fancy is a woman-owned and POC-owned company, and all their candles are handmade. All candle batches are intentionally small and hand-poured, and each candle is made without harmful additives like phthalates, lead, dye, and parabens.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Glass Votive Candle 5 oz

19. Kiliim Temple Lumbar Pillow Cover — $65

Adding a splash of color and character to a home is easy with Kiliim’s Temple Lumbar Pillow cover. Made with 100% handwoven premium Egyptian cotton and sourced from local markets, this lumbar pillow is as carefully handcrafted as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Kiliim is dedicated to revive and preserve the Egyptian heritage, local craft of handmade kilim making by incorporating new, modern designs. Using time-honoring techniques, Kiliim’s artisans are paid livable wages for their craftsmanship and only use the finest quality wool yarn and dyes, guaranteeing their pillow covers will last a lifetime.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Temple Lumbar Pillow Cover

For the Bed and Bathroom

20. Coyuchi Temescal Ribbed Towels Undyed — $68

IIncredibly fluffy and super soft, Coyuchi’s Temescal ribbed towels are guaranteed to add a bit of everyday luxury. A set of these plush towels made from long-staple GOTS-certified organic cotton would be the ultimate wedding or housewarming gift and they most definitely are going to be on my wedding registry.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Temescal Ribbed Towels Undyed

21. Coyuchi Cloud Loom Unisex Robe — $178

Plush, luxurious, and soft, the Cloud Loom Unisex Robe is the ultimate home spa experience. Made with GOTS-certified organic cotton that’s grown and woven in Turkey, this robe exemplifies the quick-drying, lightweight feel and durability of world-renowned turkish cotton towels. While you’re shopping for wedding gifts, you may just have to get one for yourself too!

22. Sijo French Linen Sheet Set in Snow — $145+

Selecting bedding is never easy (which is why we created an entire guide to how to select the right bedding fabric for you!) but these 100% French flax linen sheets from Sijo look like the perfect fit. Linen is an insulating material making it ideal for temperature regulation year-round — a characteristic that is especially appealing if you live in places where the weather can range from near blizzard-level snowstorms to hot and humid within just a few months.

What’s exceptional about Sijo is that their linen is made with dew-retted flax sustainably sourced from Normandy, France.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts French Linen Sheet Set in Snow

23. Eucalypso Tencel Duvet Cover in Dark Gray — $129

Snuggling into this hypoallergenic, incredibly soft and comfortable duvet cover is even better when you know they’re made from sustainably harvested and organic eucalyptus trees. Eucalypso’s sheets and duvet covers embody sustainability and eco friendly values not only through their sustainable sourcing but also their OEKO-TEX certification.

Eucalypso’s bedding made from natural eucalyptus fibers is more sustainable than cotton due to their 100% closed-loop system, ensuring zero waste. Free of chemical dyes and fair trade certified, Eucalypso ensures safe working environments and pays their workers fair living wages.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Tencel Duvet Cover in Dark Gray

24. Swahili African Modern Slender Laurel Hamper Basket — $175

This handwoven basket is one aesthetically pleasing way to store dirty clothes! Swahili African Modern’s laundry hamper is made with locally sourced all-natural grasses and upcycled plastic strips by women in Senegal who earn above living wages and work within the comfort of their villages. The slow-made, thoughtfully crafted basket could also be used to store blankets or other household items.

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Slender Laurel Hamper Basket

25. Anchal Project Slate Prism Throw Pillow and Bone Prism Throw Pillow — $85

Anchal Project’s intricately patterned throw pillows work great as bedding or as decor pieces on a chair or sofa. The bright blue color pops well with a beige or off-white bedding set. Each pillow is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton by women artisans in Ajmer, India. (For more on Anchal Project, check out our spotlight on the brand here!)

Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts Throw Pillow

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