15 Eco Friendly & Sustainable Stocking Stuffers | 2022 Edition

Sustainable stocking stuffers

To prove stocking stuffers can be thoughtful and exceptionally made, we’ve curated 15 of our favorite petite and ethical gifts in this eco friendly and fair trade stocking stuffer gift guide.

This guide features sustainable and responsibly made accessories, jewelry, and home goods, so you’re sure to find something for anyone on your list this holiday season. We’ve also sorted the stocking stuffers by price, so there’s an option for every budget! To explore more gift ideas, check out our Gifts Collection.

Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers: $55 & Under 

1. Azizi Life Lela Long Handle Wooden Measuring Spoon Set — $39

This one-of-a-kind wooden measuring spoon set is hand-carved by artisans in Rwanda using Musave tree wood and polished with beeswax. 

Azizi Life is a woman-owned and person of color-owned company who’s also a member of the Fair Trade Federation. All their artisan partners across Rwanda are paid fair living wages and their products support the local development of multiple African communities.

Sustainable stocking stuffers wooden measuring spoon

2. Anchal Project Graph Bandana in Slate — $32

The detailed geometric stitch pattern on this bandana makes it a unique and stylish accessory that can be tied to a tote bag, worn as a scarf, or wrapped in your hair. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton and made by artisans in Ajmer, India, this piece was crafted with softness and design in mind. 

Anchal Project is fair trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation, which ensures all their artisan partners are paid fair living wages and work in safe conditions. All Anchal products are handmade in India only using eco friendly dyes, natural fibers, and organic cotton.

Sustainable stocking stuffers bandana

3. Pebble Lamb Rattle — $23

If you’re looking for an organic and fair trade gift for the little one on your list, this Lamb Rattle is the gift you need. Crafted by women artisans in Bangladesh using hand-knitted organic cotton, this rattle is not only safe for play but irresistibly plush and soft in the baby’s hands. 

Pebble is a woman-owned company, Fair Trade certified by the World Fair Trade Organization, and a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Their baby and children’s toys are all ethically and sustainably produced without the use of electricity, which reduces the company’s carbon footprint and only uses natural materials.

Sustainable stocking stuffers rattle

4. Anchal Project Botanical Tea Towel in Spruce — $18

Made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and available in four different botanical embroidery options, this tea towel is sure to add a touch of elegance and color to your kitchen. 

Anchal Project is fair trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation and also runs DyeScape, a natural dye education, and training program. Their contemporary and geometric designs revolutionized the traditional Kantha quilting technique from north India and all their pieces are made using eco friendly dyes and natural fibers.

Sustainable stocking stuffers tea towel

5. Coyuchi Solstice Chemise — $48

This serenely soft, GOTS organic cotton chemise features adjustable straps and side pockets for maximum comfort and convenience. 

Coyuchi is an active member of the Textile Exchange, was a founding brand in the Sustainable Textile Exchange, and a supporter of the Chetna Organic Farming Cooperative. All their products are made with environmental and social sustainability in mind and have certifications for organic materials, GOTS, and Fair Trade.

Sustainable stocking stuffers Solstice Chemise

6. Kazi Coral Mara Coasters  — $26

Give the host of the party an eco friendly stocking stuffer they’ll remember, and use, for many years to come. KAZI’s coasters are made by artisans in Rwanda from all-natural fibers and organic dyes using heritage weaving techniques.

Sustainable stocking stuffers Coral Mara Coasters

7. Kazi Small Desert Rose Fan — $25

Made from elephant grass and colored using organic dyes, this small desert rose fan is a beautiful and vibrant way to add color and style to your home.

KAZI is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and implements fair trade practices, like fair living wages and safe working conditions, throughout their organization. All their products are made from all-natural fibers and local materials native to Africa that are readily available to their artisan partners.

Sustainable stocking stuffers Small Desert Rose Fan

8. LIKHÂ Long Mother of Pearl Geometric Earrings — $35

Made from Mother of pearl and featuring hypoallergenic stainless steel posts, these elegant, hand-carved earrings undeniably elevate the outfit they are paired with. The mother of pearl is sourced as a byproduct of the food industry, and the earrings were made in the Philippines at a World Fair Trade Organization certified workshop.

Sustainable stocking stuffers Long Mother of Pearl Geometric Earrings

Fair Trade and Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers: $100 & Under

9. Coyuchi Unisex Waffle Robe in Fog — $98

Buttery soft, airy, and drapey, this waffle robe is the epitome of comfort. Made with GOTS certified cotton that was sourced and woven in Turkey, this robe will be an easy everyday staple. 

Coyuchi is a supporter of the Chetna Organic Farming Cooperative, a founding brand in the Sustainable textile Coalition, and an active member of the Textile Exchange. They work exclusively with fair trade and earth-first manufacturers who use sustainable manufacturing practices like renewable energy, water recycling, and reduced waste.

Sustainable stocking stuffers Unisex Waffle Robe in Fog

10. Darzah Egypt Tatreez Clutch in Gold — $89

Made with locally sourced black goat leather and 100% hand-embroidered and handcrafted, this gold clutch is perfect for carrying anything you need. Each bag is fair trade certified and handmade by refugee and low-income women artisans in Palestine. 

Darzah is a women-run non-profit brand specializing in a centuries-old Palestinian embroidery art form called “tatreez”, which is traditionally passed down from mother to daughter.

Sustainable stocking stuffers clutch

11. LIKHÂ Cracked Mother of Pearl Coaster Set — $48

This beautiful, shimmering mother of pearl coaster set adds a touch of warmth and regality to your table with its iridescent shine. It’s made in the Philippines at a World Fair Trade Organization certified workshop and each coaster is one-of-a-kind. 

Sustainable stocking stuffers coaster set

12. Baabushka Women's Chunky Cable Knit Merino Wool Beanie — $85

Give the gift of warmth and tenderness with this hand-knit, hand-dyed, 100% premium merino wool beanie. Incredibly soft and featuring a single cable knit pattern, this beanie is a gift that can be cherished and worn for years to come. 

Baabushka’s wool products are handmade by Nepali women artisans who receive high wages for their work. Plus, for every purchase, Baabushka donates a portion of the total sale to Global Citizen, a non-profit working to end extreme poverty. 

Sustainable stocking stuffers wool beanie

13.  Looma Women’s Merino Wool Sock 4-Pack — $68

Made with the finest Merino wool, no one will complain about getting these socks for the holidays! These cozy wool socks naturally keep your feet nice and warm while wicking away unwanted moisture. 

Looma makes their premium, sustainably sourced products to the highest ethical and sustainability standards. Exclusively using GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, they ensure the cotton is irrigated only with rainwater and that it’s handpicked and purchased directly from local farmers.

Sustainable stocking stuffers Women’s Merino Wool Sock 4-Pack

14. Anchal Project Rainbow Colorblock Scarf — $74

Lightweight and beautifully colorful, this GOTS certified organic cotton scarf is buttery soft and perfect for cozying into. With its bold color blocks and hand-stitched detail, this scarf easily elevated any outfit. 

Anchal Project is a non-profit organization and fair trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation. All their products are handmade in India using eco friendly dyes, organic cotton, and natural fibers.

Sustainable stocking stuffers Rainbow Colorblock Scarf

15. Slash Objects Ring Recycled Rubber Coaster Set in Black — $90

The Ring Recycled Rubber Coaster Set perfectly combines a modern, sleek style with sustainable materials to create a truly chic way to protect your surfaces. Slash Objects makes all their products using post-consumer recycled rubber from local United States manufacturers.

Sustainable stocking stuffers coaster set

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