16 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For $150 or Less

Birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday — whatever the special occasion an eco-friendly gift helps celebrate a special occasion or holiday a little more sustainably. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to introduce your loved ones to new brands that put people and the planet first. Finding useful, high-quality, and exceptionally-designed sustainable gifts, though, isn’t so easy — unless you’re shopping on Made Trade.

Our curated guide will help you find the best sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for her, for him, for them, and for the home. From organic cotton robes to upcycled jewelry there’s something for everyone on your list.

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Eco-Friendly Home Goods Gifts

1. Nipomo Upcycled Blankets

Nipomo's vibrant blankets are ethically handwoven in Central Mexico by master weavers. Each blanket is made from upcycled yarn sourced from the garment industry and includes a beautiful carrying strap made from vegetable-tanned leather. 

Nipomo Recycled Blanket

Nipomo Marea Collection - Pistacho

Nipomo eco-friendly upcycled blanket gift - Made Trade

Nipomo Tierra Collection - Amanecer Blanket

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2. Coyuchi Organic Robes

Luxuriously soft and sustainably made, Coyuchi's towels and robes are designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. All their robes are made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton and are designed to maximize absorption. Made Trade’s co-founder uses his Coyuchi waffle robe every day! 

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Robe - Made Trade

Coyuchi Unisex Air Weight Organic Cotton Robe

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Robe - Made Trade

3. Newly Goods Recycled Glass Vases

    Committed to sourcing 100% recycled materials for all of their products, Newly Goods has sustainability embedded in their roots. All of their vases and glassware are handmade in small batches from 100% recycled glass.

    Recycled Glass Vase Gift - Made Trade
    Recycled glass vase gift

    4. Katie Mudd Handmade Mugs

    Katie Mudd creates exceptional ceramic pieces for the home right in Portland, Oregon (where Made Trade is based!). To reduce her company's carbon footprint, Katie sources all of her materials locally from small businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

    Handmade sustainable ceramic mugs - Made TradeKatie Mudd Grey Monstera Leaf Mug

    Eco-friendly ceramic mug gift - Made Trade

    5. Sertodo Copper Recycled Copper Drinkware

    Founded in 1997, Sertodo Copper is an international co-operative with workshops in Austin, Texas and in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. Sertodo’s master artisans handcraft pieces from 100% recycled copper using heritage copper craftsmanship techniques that originated over 1,000 years ago in Santa Clara del Cobre.

    Recycled copper cup gift - Made Trade
    Eco-friendly recycled copper pitcher and cups - Made Trade

    6. Ichcha Handmade Tabletop Pieces

      Handmade using traditional block printing, hand weaving techniques, and detailed hand embroidery, Ichcha’s artisan-made goods are helping to revive heritage crafts in India. Ichcha also works to provide sustainable opportunities for the artisans they work with, enabling all of their artisans to set their own prices.

      Ichcha organic table runner - Eco Friendly Gifts on Made Trade
      Ichcha eco-friendly napkins - Made Trade

      Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her 

      7. Lunasol Locally-Made Jewelry

      Lunasol's globally-inspired jewelry is all made locally in Portland, Oregon by founder and owner Lindsay Alonzo. Lindsey handcrafts each piece from metals manufactured in Portland and uses recycled metals whenever possible.

      Handmade jewelry gifts - Made TradeLunasol Horizon Earrings

      Sustainable handmade jewelry gifts - Made Trade

      8. Coyuchi Organic Cotton Eye Masks

        These super soft eye masks from Coyuchi are GOTS and Fair Trade Certified, making them the perfect conscious gift for a more restful sleep. Coyuchi is an earth-first home and lifestyle brand that has been creating sustainable products since 1991.

        Organic cotton eye masks - Eco Friendly Gifts on Made TradeCoyuchi Sateen Organic Cotton Eye Mask

        Organic cotton eye masks - Eco Friendly Gifts on Made Trade

        9. Altar Iron Oxide Recycled Metal Jewelry

          Iron Oxide, Altar's jewelry line, is made using all recycled metals. The process behind Iron Oxide's jewelry begins with carving the wax model by hand and then casting the metal into a mold. Once this metal is cast, the stunning stones and crystals are carefully set by hand to create truly one-of-a-kind jewelry.

          Altar eco-friendly jewelry - Sustainable Gifts on Made TradeIron Oxide Beam Hoops

          Altar sustainable necklace - Eco Friendly Gifts on Made Trade

          10. Anchal Project Organic Cotton Travel Bags

          Handmade by women artisans in India from organic cotton these travel bags help keep everything beautifully organized. As part of their mission to provide sustainable economic opportunities and support the continuation of heritage crafts, all of Anchal's pieces are made using traditional Kantha quilting. Their artisans earn fair wages and healthcare benefits as well as the opportunity to attend educational workshops.

          Organic cotton toiletry kit - Sustainable Gifts on Made TradeAnchal Toiletry Kit - Charcoal Pin

          Organic cotton weekender bag - Eco Friendly Gifts on Made Trade

          11. Anatoli Handwoven Towels and Scarves

            Each and every one of Anatoli Co.'s pieces is handwoven thoughtfully with natural materials in Turkey by local artisan family producers. Anatoli Co's beautiful scarf/shawl is made from raw silk and their yoga towel is made with a cotton/linen blend. Both pieces are functional and versatile, meant to be worn in numerous ways for years to come.

            Handmade silk scarf - Sustainable Gifts on Made TradeAnatoli Co. Raw Silk Shawl/Scarf

            Eco Friendly Yoga Towels - Sustainable Gifts on Made Trade

            12. Days of August Reclaimed Steel Jewelry

              Days of August's striking jewelry is all handcrafted from 100% locally-sourced reclaimed steel. Committed to being carbon-neutral, Days of August crafts their jewelry in a solar-powered studio and plants more than 300 trees each year to offset all of the brand's carbon emissions.

              Upcycled Earrings - Eco Conscious Gifts from Made Trade
              Upcycled necklace - Earth Friendly Gifts from Made Trade

              Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

              13. Zemper Vegetable-Tanned Accessories

              Zemper is a sustainably-minded brand producing quality vegetable-tanned accessories. The brand sources their veg-tanned leather from a tannery in the United States and a tannery in Tuscany, Italy. All of Zemper's goods are cut and hand-stitched using 100% linen thread.

              Vegetable tan leather wallet - Sustainable Gifts on Made TradeZemper Five Card Wallet

              Vegetable tan leather belt - Sustainable Gifts on Made Trade

              14. Kathrine Zeren Sustainable Ties and Pocket Squares

                Founded out of the idea that smart business choices can change the world for the better, Kathrine Zeren carefully considers the environmental impact behind each product they create. The brand's accessories are made from recycled hemp and organic cotton and are responsibly sewn by hand in the U.S. in small batches.

                Organic Cotton and Hemp Accessories - Green Gifts on Made TradeKathrine Zeren Grey & White Striped Bowtie and Pocket Square

                Organic Cotton and Hemp Men's Accessories - Green Gifts on Made Trade

                15. Alchemy Goods Upcycled Travel Bags

                  Alchemy Goods sources materials that would normally be headed to the landfill, including bicycle inner tubes and old seatbelts. They transform these upcycled materials into sleek, functional pieces. The brand is also B Corp Certified and pays living wages to all of its employees.

                  Upcycled eco friendly backpack - Sustainable Gifts on Made Trade
                  Upcycled eco-friendly bag - Sustainable Gifts on Made Trade

                  16. Woolly Vegetable Tanned Accessories 

                    All of Woolly's gorgeous leather products are made from veg-tanned leather sourced from one of the few remaining vegetable tanneries in the U.S., Wickett & Craig. Vegetable tanning has a far lighter environmental impact than chrome tanning, and it also produces a more authentic, longer-lasting leather that develops a beautiful patina effect over time.

                    Vegetable tanned leather keychain - Eco Conscious Gifts on Made Trade
                    Vegetable tanned leather passport wallet - Eco-Conscious Gifts from Made Trade

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