5 Eco-Friendly Furniture and Lighting Brands to Furnish the Conscious Home

Furniture and lighting choices are often among the most considered purchases someone makes—especially when looking for a sustainable option. At Made Trade, we offer exceptionally-designed furnishings made from earth-friendly materials that are designed with superior quality and functionality to make these choices a bit easier.

Our curation includes a variety of innovative, conscious home brands—from a furniture company and reforestation project that has planted nearly a million trees, to a lighting brand preserving heritage Moroccan crafts.

Greenington bamboo furniture coffee table

Greenington Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table Caramelized

Dounia Home Moroccan lighting

Dounia Home Mishal Chandelier Copper


Masaya & Co

Originally founded as a reforestation project in Nicaragua, Masaya & Co has sustainability ingrained in its roots. The eco-friendly furniture brand sources the wood for their furniture responsibly from Nicaragua, planting 100 trees for every product, as part of their commitment to replenishing previously deforested land. Masaya & Co has planted nearly 1 million trees so far!

Not only does their reforestation project support healthier ecosystems and aid in carbon sequestration, it also provides a sustainable economic opportunity for Nicaraguans as well. Instead of selling their land for agriculture and livestock use, Nicaraguans are able to make an income by sustainably harvesting timber from their forests.

Much of Masaya & Co's furniture is designed by co-founder Abril, and the brand partners with architects and furniture designers who know the best uses for certain types of woods. Local artisans and expert craftsmen from across Nicaragua then bring these designs to life, crafting stunning furniture with care. The attention to quality workmanship at every stage of the process ensures that Masaya & Co's furniture will last the test of time. For more on Masaya & Co, read our spotlight on the brand here.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Vegan

Categories: Chairs, Desks, Dressers, Shelves, Sofas, Stools, Tables 

A few of our favorite pieces from the brand:

Masaya & Co sustainable wood side table

Masaya & Co. Velero Side Table

Sustainable ethically made chair

Masaya & Co. Lounge Chair Momotombo Pattern

Sustainable wood and leather barstool

Masaya & Co. Leather Barstool

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Dounia Home

Dounia Home works with master artisans from Morocco to design stunning, contemporary Moroccan lighting using generations-old crafts. The brand’s founder and designer, Dounia Tamri-Loeper was inspired from a young age by the rich artistry and culture of Morocco, where she was born and raised.

The brand develops and produces their stunning lighting pieces in Morocco and even sources natural minerals from the country. The dazzling home goods in Dounia's collection are also made with a high attention quality—every piece is etched, polished, and sealed by hand. Dounia works with 10 artisans in Morocco in their studio in Marakkech who are passionate about their traditional metalworking craft.

Dounia is committed to ethical production, utilizing a Direct Trade model that enables them to pay artisans 30% higher wages on average. The home brand also follows sustainable practices in production, using high-efficiency LED light bulbs for their lamps, high quality metals, and employing zero waste standards for the solid brass, copper, and nickel silver metal in their collections.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Vegan

Categories: Floor lamps, Pendants, Sconces, Semi-Flush, Table lamps

A few of our favorite pieces from the brand:

Dounia Home fair trade moroccan lighting

Dounia Home Lila Pendant Light - Gunmetal

Sustainably made wall sconce light

Dounia Home Shams Wall Sconce - Brass

Ethical eco-friendly pendant light silver

Dounia Home Almas Pendant Light - Silver

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Greenington is a sustainable furniture brand using 100% bamboo for their chairs, dining tables, cabinets, and other furnishings. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable grass, maturing in just 5 years! (As a reference, Brazilian Walnut trees take 40 years to mature, and Oak trees take 70 years.)

The company does not use clearcutting techniques, but rather chooses to source bamboo responsibly from local farmers who remove each bamboo culm individually and keep the bamboo root system in tact. This approach preserves the bamboo forest's ecosystem. Additionally, Greenington eliminates waste throughout their production by using the entire bamboo culm—they even use the sawdust for generating steam in their dry kiln room and press machine.

The brand's beautifully-crafted sleek, yet sturdy, furniture comes in a range of light to dark finishes. Since the furnishings are crafted using solid bamboo, there are natural variances, making each piece unique.

Values: Sustainable, Vegan

Categories: Beds, Benches, Chairs, Desks, Dressers, Media Cabinets, Nightstands, Shelves, Stools, Tables 

A few of our favorite pieces from the brand:

Sustainable side table

Greenington Rosemary Side Table - Black Walnut

Sustainable bamboo bookshelf

Greenington Currant Leaning Bookshelf - Caramelized

Bamboo platform bed

Greenington Currant Platform Bed - Black Walnut

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CDMX is a mother-daughter run company working with artisan cooperatives in Mexico City to support and promote the innovative work of these passionate, highly skilled artisans. CDMX's home goods are inspired by the makers' rich Mexican heritage and designed with a modern aesthetic for the conscious and contemporary home.

Committed to craft preservation and responsible business practices, CDMX enables the artisan cooperatives to set their own prices. And all of the beautifully designed CDMX goods we carry on Made Trade are made with natural, locally-sourced materials and a high attention to quality. The brand has a gorgeous collection of quality home goods, including lighting and small furnishings.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Vegan

Categories: Table lamps, Tables

A few of our favorite pieces from the brand:

CDMX sustainable light

CDMX Bandido Studio Table Lamp

CDMX sustainable company light

CDMX Bandido Studio Company Light

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Area Home

Area Home was founded by Anki Spets in 1990 to expand the tradition of well-designed Scandinavian products. The home goods and furniture brand is based in New York, and sources natural, quality materials from around the world. The company is committed to both excellent design and quality, only working with manufacturers that ensure safe working environments and pay fair wages. The brand utilizes European factories that follow Oeko-Tex standards for the majority (85%) of their production.

AREA's furniture is custom-built in Wisconsin using hardwoods sourced from within the U.S. such as solid American Walnut.

Values: Sustainable, USA Made, Vegan

Categories: Beds, Benches, Nightstands, Racks, Tables

A few of our favorite pieces from the brand: 

Area Home Bruno Clothing Rack

Sustainable bench

Area Home Bruno Bench

Sustainable nightstand made from American hardwood

Area Home Nightstand With Drawer 

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