5 Sustainable Clothing Brands to Know

Whether you’re well-versed in sustainable fashion or just dipping your toes into the topic—these five sustainable clothing brands on Made Trade are worth having on your radar.

This brief brand guide has zero waste, locally-made, fair trade, and made-to-order brands that will meet even the highest standards for style and sustainability.

And all five of these sustainably-minded brands are available right here on Made Trade—your destination for elevated, conscious shopping. And in this guide, we've even curated a few of our favorites from each brand we think you’ll love.

  1. Altar
      • About: Altar is a sustainable, handmade fashion brand that designs and crafts their pieces one by one in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, CA. The Made-in-USA label even sources from US-milled textiles as much as possible. As a conscious brand with a sustainable ethos, Altar uses natural dyes and eco-conscious fabrics, such as cupro, linen, and deadstock fabric.
      • Sustainable Qualities: Uses eco-friendly fabrics (linen, cupro, deadstock) and natural dyes. Pieces are handmade.

      • Some of our top picks from this brand:

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  1. Symbology
      • About: Symbology works with women artisans in India who use traditional fabric techniques—including block printing, embroidery and tie-die—to create beautiful and wearable pieces in flattering silhouettes. The ethical fashion brand follows Fair Trade guidelines, paying artisans living wages, promoting gender equality, and using eco-conscious production practices. From dresses and kaftans, to tops and trousers, Symbology has a wide range of stunning printed pieces we know you’ll love.
      • Sustainable Qualities: Uses plant-based fabrics, AZO-free dyes. Artisans handprint and hand embroider each piece.
        • Some of our top picks from this brand: 

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  1. Hope Made in the World
      • About: HOPE MADE IN THE WORLD works directly with indigenous tribes in Columbia and Peru to ensure ethical production. The ethical label is certified child-labor free and hand picks their suppliers with high standards for environmental impact and working conditions. Using alpaca wool, organic cotton and REACH-certified dyes, the fair trade brand crafts cardigans, turtlenecks, pullover sweaters, tees, shawls, and warm winter accessories sustainably.
      • Sustainable Qualities: Uses eco-conscious fabrics (GOTS-certified organic cotton and alpaca wool) and REACH-certified dyes.
        • Some of our top picks from this brand:

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  1. Tonlé
      • About: tonlé is a zero waste fashion brand using remnant fabric scraps from garment factories in Cambodia to avoid creating new cloth. The San-Francisco-based label does not use pesticides, excessive water, or single-use plastic. tonlé also follows fair trade principles, paying garment factory workers fair wages and ensuring they work no more than 45 hours per week. This conscious fashion brand not only has impressive sustainability and ethical standards, but has high standards for design as well—their dresses, jackets, tops, bottoms, and accessories are striking and fashion-forward.
      • Sustainable Qualities: Zero waste company, uses recycled fabrics, natural dyes, and recycled packaging. Pieces are handmade and patterns are screen printed.
        • Some of our top picks from this brand:

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  1. Anchal Project
      • About: Anchal Project, founded by sisters Colleen and Maggie Clines, works with artisans based in Ajmer, India to create beautiful pieces using traditional Kantha quilting techniques. The Fair Trade certified brand creates fashionable products with geometric designs using patchwork, stitch patterns, and eco-friendly dyes. Anchal Project’s scarves, outerwear, bags, and home decor are crafted with organic cotton.
      • Sustainable Qualities: Uses organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes.
        • Our top picks from this brand:

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